"There is deep reason, history and tradition that goes into the making and wearing of one's uniform. Only a member of the Armed Forces and Civil Services can really relate to this fact. With the added embellishments of his service and personal accomplishments, the Veteran feels an immense amount of pride. My products are fabricated using the same materials that are used in the making of the Dress Blue uniform as worn by all those who serve."
Jonathan Firld


Our Marine Corps casket was used in an episode of the
EMMY Award winning television production of the program
that was aired on October 14, 2008 on the
FOX Network in the episode "Birth Marks".


For the United States Military, tradition and integrity count for everything. These same values have inspired Jonathan Field to achieve excellence in the production of the finest military caskets ever presented. The Honor, Heraldry, and Colors of the service uniform, which has been worn with great pride, can now be replicated in the service casket. These caskets are representative of the service uniform worn by the individual, and decorated in such a way that the design will reflect the service as well as the Veteran himself.

This is an opportunity for Veterans to present themselves as only they can and as they served. The casket is also representative of their illustrious career, personal idiosyncrasies, service bearing and unique experiences. These unique caskets are unlike anything that has ever before been produced. Their authenticity is as pure as the uniform itself, as the Veteran will settle for nothing less. The finest authentic materials, combined with painstaking craftsmanship, rigorous inspection, and service grade compliance are brought together to create a masterpiece.

“I really wanted a commemorative Officers casket for my Father, and Jonathan, you provided exactly that. He was quite pleased to choose his casket before he passed. A warm thank you from Dad, and a big hug from Mom and myself”.
Beth Timmons

These Military Uniform Caskets are made available for all of the Branches of Service: Marine Corps, Navy Chief Petty Officer and Petty Officer, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, for Men and Women, Officers and Enlisted. They are offered in the categories of: Class “A” and a casket for the Veteran’s Wife. The exterior is a 18 gauge steel sealer casket with a Memorial Tube, and painted the exact colors of the Dress Blue uniform, or the uniform of choice. The pin-stripping replicates the uniform trim, red of the Marine Corps, gold leaf  is used for the Army, Navy, and Coast Guard, with the Air Force having silver leaf. Also, custom made 1/4” brass American Flag and Motto Plate, and Cover Emblems on each of the handles, with a brass Star attached on each side which represents the other four branches of service. The 5’X9.5’ American Flag that drapes the casket is provided by the Veterans Administration. 

The interior is completely lined using the Uniform Fabric, as well as the Trim, Cover Emblems, Coat and Pocket Buttons. The mattress is covered using the trouser fabric, with the trouser stripe (Marine Corps the “Blood Stripe”) sewn down the middle. Included with the purchase of a Class “A” casket are all of the following items:

  1. Cover & Gloves.
  2. Branch of Service Sword with a Officers Sword Mourning Knot attached to the handle.
  3. Ceremonial Belt and Buckle.
  4. Embroidered Branch of Service Emblem inside the open lid.
  5. Branch of Service 3’x5’ Flag with Fringe is used for a blanket, as most Veterans have stated that they “...would like to go down wrapped in my colors...”.
  6. Register Book is made of the uniform coat fabric and trim, buttons, and a cover emblem. The corner is cut with the Good Conduct Ribbon for at-need, or a ribbon of choice, such as a Silver Star, for pre-need. 


  7. Flag Bag is made of the uniform coat fabric and trim, button, cover emblem, with the corner cut with the Good Conduct Ribbon for at-need, or a ribbon of choice for pre-need. The Branch of Service is embroidered in gold metallic thread, or silver for the Air Force.


    An American Defense and Honorable Service Commemorative Ribbons are included with a Honorable Discharge or a Service Lapel Pin. Three M-1 Rifle spent cartridge shells are added and in a velvet bag which is to be placed in the fold of the American Flag at the grave side ceremony. Each cartridge represents one of the three volleys of a 21-gun salute, as this tradition dates back to World War One. An authentic notched dog tag is attached to the zipper clasp and stamped as was issued for pre-need, or left blank to be engraved for at-need.
  8. Honorable Service Display (Saddle Blanket) is a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service is made of the uniform coat fabric and trim, button, cover emblem, with the corner cut with the Good Conduct Ribbon for at-need, or a ribbon of choice for pre-need. The Branch of Service is embroidered in gold metallic thread, silver for the Air Force.


    Displayed are American Defense and Honorable Service Commemorative Medals, and a engraveable gold Medallion “In Appreciation of Excellence” for the Veteran’s service, silver for the Air Force. Plus, a Honorable Discharge/Service Pin. The Display items can be discarded and replaced with the Veterans' own Ribbons, Medals, Insignias, and other Devices if the Veteran is not in uniform, or wishes not to wear them.
  9. Pallbeares’ Kit consists of six pair of White Gripper Gloves, Officer Sword Mourning Knots, which are used as arm bands, and Branch of Service Lapel Pins. This Kit can also be used for Family members, or given to close Friends and Relatives to show respect to the deceased Veteran. 
  10. A Branch of Service Lapel Pin encased in a plush-lined leatherette jewelry box for the Widow or Next-of-Kin to wear to honor the memory of the Veterans’ passing.


  11. Notched Dog Tag is attached to the handle of the casket stamped as was issued for pre-need, or blank which can be engraved at time of need. This is used as a casket identification tag.


  12. Certificate of Authenticity 
  13. Sympathy Card 
  14. Package of Poppy Seeds is included for grave site planting or a Veterans Memorial at home in the garden.
  15. $25.00 Donation to the Veterans’ organization contributed by The Jonathan Field Collection in the name of the Veteran. 




To honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased veterans.

It is an engraved certificate which bears the current President’s signature expressing the country’s grateful recognition of veteran’s service in the 
United States Armed Forces.

This item must be requested and applied for by the Next-of-Kin.  


I am asked on occasion if I can make a casket for the Veteran’s Wife. Yes, I can and do, with many choices being offered for personalization and the placement of any of the Veterans’ embellishments. It is usually done for pre-need planning for both, or after the Veteran has passed. There are many options offered, personal requests to be considered, and modifications needing to be made. 

Here is a good example of one that I just did. I painted the casket white with all gold exterior items, minus the four Stars, including gold leaf pin-stripping. The interior was lined using white officers uniform fabric with gold trim, and buttons, emblems, etc., with the beautiful embroidered branch of service emblem inside of the lid. All of the embroidery, including that used for His and Her names, was done in gold metallic thread on the Flag Bag, Saddle Blanket, and a “special” Saddle Blanket that commemorated their life together. She insisted that I include a branch of service Flag to be draped over her just as was done for her husband. And, I donated a American Flag to cover her own casket, and which will be put into her personalized Flag Bag. I made a Military Uniform Burial Robe for her using the same officers uniform fabric and trim, with her name embroidered with a Good Conduct Ribbon which she said “at least I deserve a medal for something, and that would be quite appropriate”. I even made a set of Dog Tags for her. Her casket was a compliment to that of  her Veteran husbands. Please contact me personally for design and planning.  

And, I received this letter from her:

“To Mr. Jonathan Field. You have given me great comfort, knowing that as my husband of fifty four years and I are to be buried at Arlington Cemetery together, that I may rest beside him in a casket that represents my love for him and respect for ‘our’ service to this great country, and which reflects our ‘service’ to each other. Each and every day of his over 30 years in the Army I stood beside him and feel as an ArmyWife that I was as much ‘in’ the Army as he was. Therefore, what you have given us best represents ‘our’ career and life together. You are deserving of a ‘special’ Thank You from us both.”
Mrs. Margaret W. Kauffman



“Jonathan, I want you to know that these are the most beautiful caskets that I have ever seen, and I mean it”.
Dale Gresham         
Caskets and Stones      
Greenwood, South Carolina

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